What lurks below

What Lurks Below Intro

The second adventure planned for the party.

Spring. The Harpers send a messenger to the party. They have become alarmed by increasing attacks on settlements and travellers in the back-country foothills of The North. Specifically in the region between the Idyll River (which is a tributary of the River Mirar) to the South, Miribar to the Southeast, Raven Rock to the West and the very Spine of the World Mtns in the North.
Only in the past twenty years has this area been found to be habitable. For whatever inscrutable reason the Barbarians have no interest in this pocket of rich soil, huge trees, cold winters and gold-nugget-rich creeks. While never known for law and order, those brave souls who have settled there in the past several years have been able to make a living by farming, lumber, keeping livestock and panning for precious metals. Over the past year, few and far-between Orc and Goblin problems, banditry and random wolf attacks from the mountains have been replaced by murderous and terrifying night-raids. Eschewing what little finery and coins the settlers possess, the murderous thieves take food, livestock, sundries and occasionally young folk and the very bodies of the unfortunates who resist.
Survivors of the night raids are uniformly terrified and alternately tell of huge wolves with glowing eyes coming out of the forest like a killing wind silently cutting down all in their path or men in black robes with baleful blue fire surrounding them taking what they want and melting into the cold dark night.
The party is given a map of the settlements, contracted to find and eliminate this dastardly threat to the security of the northern border and to report all pertinent information back to the Harpers.



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